What research is needed in the charity sector

Charity Futures - Sir Stephen Bubb’s programme to improve charity governance and leadership – has launched a consultation to find the sector’s priorities for research topics.

A series of focus groups will be held in May and June 2019 - in London, Edinburgh, Bradford, Manchester and Cardiff. The consultation will be carried out by consultancy Giving Evidence. It will invite input from any charity, foundation, public or private donor in the United Kingdom, and will draw up a list of the areas that charities most want to know more about.

“Too often research in the charity sector is not focused on what matters to charities and donors. We need to remedy this.”

Sir Stephen Bubb

Sir Stephen Bubb, Acting Director of OIC said:

“High quality, relevant, future-looking research has a big part to play in making the sector stronger, and our consultation will give donors and charities a unique chance to shape the research agenda in support of their work.  

We hope that this approach will also encourage more universities and academic centres to start looking at charity and philanthropy as a strong field for academic study and research. At the moment academia do not take much interest in charity. This must change.

Caroline Fiennes, director of Giving Evidence said:

“… researchers can’t intuit what donors, funders and charities are interested in – so we shall ask them!

The final conclusions of the study will be a prioritised list of research questions that donors and charities have raised.

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