This work may be copied freely for non-commercial research and study. For all other intended uses, please check the website credits and request permission via our contact form.


As an educational institution, it is the aim of the OIC to bring the fruits of our research and its implications to as wide an audience as possible through our website. We are also committed to stimulating and informing debate about policy and practice and, to this end, our events programme includes many invited speakers both from academia and from industry, government and NGOs. We aim to make their contributions, as well as those of members of the University of Oxford, freely available for non-commercial purposes.

To achieve this we aim to seek copyright in materials produced by invited speakers and authors who are not members of the University of Oxford which are distributed through our website. These materials include research papers available as electronic downloads.

In return for assigning the copyright to the University, we grant authors and speakers a non-exclusive licence to use their materials in any way they like and for any purpose. In accepting this licence, authors are free to give the same talk somewhere else or to publish a paper elsewhere based on it or exploit the ideas contained in it in other ways.

Users of this website may also make use of these materials posted on our website but only for non-commercial research and study.

Copyright Policy

Copyleft and Creative Commons

Some content on this site may use a “copyleft” Creative Commons (CC) license and will be labelled as such, for instance CC BY 4.0.

Many intergovernmental organisations, philanthropic charities, and funding policies require CC licenses to be applied to the digital outputs of grant funds — to promote reuse of materials in the public good with minimal restrictions.

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