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Consultation to Identify Research Priorities in UK Charities and Philanthropy

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The intention of this project was to consult with UK charities and funders, to solicit the topics on which they would most like additional research. The goal is to stimulate research into these areas: in other words, this project is a behaviour change exercise.

Any research topic was in scope, except fundraising: we removed that because (i) it is the most heavily researched area in charities / philanthropy, and hence not overlooked by academics, and (ii) because it was likely to eclipse discussion of everything else.

This consultation used a process based on an established method developed in health research, for eliciting from the people intended to benefit from research (patients, their carers, and their physicians) the topics that on which they would value more research. It was overseen by an Advisory Group from across UK charities and philanthropy. As such, this consultation seems to be unprecedented.

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