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Dr Beth Breeze
Director Centre of Philanthropy, University of Kent

“Everyone who cares about encouraging a better understanding of charity and philanthropy will welcome the launch of the Oxford Institute of Charity. There are so many unanswered questions about the role of charity, and the purpose and practice of philanthropy, and we look forward to working with new colleagues at Oxford to help answer them."

The logic of charity:

Charity is a long-standing and embedded part of society but misunderstandings abound as to its nature, purpose and beneficiaries. In this lecture, Beth draws on over a dozen studies, including public attitudes to charitable giving and interviews with donors, charity leaders, fundraisers and philanthropy advisers.

Dr Breeze explores the logic of charity in terms of the distribution of resources across causes and the processes behind philanthropic decision-making, to reveal a picture of charitable activity at odds with widespread assumptions. For more information visit:…

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