The OIC is currently seeking a major donor or donors to provide the significant endowment required to underpin the ground-breaking new Oxford Institute of Charity initiative.

It will work alongside other academic bodies and organisations, and become the focus for the undergraduate and post-graduate study of charity, and a resource for all. The OIC will research and report how charities are governed and managed, and the problems they face. And by creating a global network, the OIC will also foster the collaboration required to seed innovation and the development of tools to assist charities to make even greater impact.

We are aware of a number of university faculties that focus on philanthropy, fundraising and donor motivation. However, we believe this initiative to be the first studying charity and charities in any university in the world. As such the Institute will act as a beacon and focus of a network across the globe in encouraging research and the study of charity

To learn more, please download our fundraising proposal here.

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